My Story


What originally inspired me to become a pilates instructor was my personal struggle with back and neck pain.  I found pilates as an former gymnast: I started gymnastics at age 5 and by age 23 I had 2 disc bulges, fractures at L5 and T12, and near daily migraines.  after college i was working as a personal trainer.  I quickly became disheartened because I struggled with pain doing all the things I was asking my personal training clients to do.  i really loved fitness, but..

i couldn't even lift my arms over my head without excruciating neck pain.

So the year i discovered pilates radically changed my world. I learned that I could move my body without pain, and get stronger and more toned along the way.   And over time I had less and less back pain.  I started teaching pilates exclusively because I wanted to share this with my clients— and I became basically the "go to gal" for back pain.


always the student, I'm continually learning the best techniques to help my clients with back pain. In 2013 I was invited to attend a one-of-its-kind training on the fascia with doctor guy voyer, do. dr voyer’s work was largely inspired by his personal quest to solve back pain. his effective, drug-free technique is what i use to help people just like you. today i am one of the first eldoa trainers in the world. most of my clients are referred to me for by local doctors, chiropractors and therapists.

"break free from back pain", a 12-week course, is the culmination of all of my knowledge, wisdom, and experience helping hundreds of people who were once in your shoes.



Professional Bio

While i humbly consider my students to be my greatest teachers, you probably want to know about my formal training.  I hold a degree in Exercise Science from the University of New Orleans.  today I am the the lead instructor and recent owner of Purely Pilates Center in Southlake, TX.  I have been teaching Pilates for 15 years, and I am a Teacher Teacher trainer for Physicalmind Institute.

i began working with back pain patients as the co-owner and former rehab director of integrated spine and disc (2005-2010).  here i practiced x-ray analysis and exercise program design for people with all kinds of spine problems.  I studied under talented chiropractors who believed in "corrective care", not just "adjust and done".  i had the pleasure to attend seminars to learn their rehab techniques, and this is a big influence on my teaching today.

in 2013 i began to study under famed osteopath and Md, dr Guy voyer, DO.  his revolutionary technique, the eldoa method, allowed me to work very specifically with injured or damaged segments of the spine.  I am certified levels 1-3, and i utilize the eldoa to help those with disc injury, pain, scoliosis, sport performance and more.

recently I sought to expand my skills to include a hands-on technique. my clients often have tight areas that are hard to reach with exercise. the rossiter system fit the bill perfectly. this “foot-on” pin-and-stretch technique helps release stubborn fascia and joints in an efficient way. the results have been incredible.


Additional Certifications:

  • Pilates method alliance (Pma-cpt)

  • segmental strengthening of the knee, Guy Voyer, DO

  • pelvilogy review

  • personal trainer, ACSM-PT

  • pilates for total hip replacement

  • segmental strengthening of the abdominals, Guy Voyer, DO

  • yoga teacher, RYT-200