Q. who is the 12-Week Break Free from back pain program for?

A. The 12-Week Break Free From Back Pain program is for anyone who wants new lease on life.  It's for people who feel burdened by escalating medical expenses, lost work, and struggling relationships due to the overpowering nature of back pain.  I have 15 years of experience helping people with these conditions*:

bulging disc

herniated disc


spinal stenosis




*This is an exercise program designed to strengthen and support the spine.  Please note that I am not a medical doctor; I do not dispense medical advice, nor do I treat any condition.  Do the smart thing and check with your doctor before starting this or any exercise program.



Q. who should not do this program?

A. A free discovery call is the first step to determine if we are a good fit.  I want to be very frank here.  It takes the right kind of person to do a program like this.  First, you must be 100% committed.  You will be putting in 1-3 hours of live training per week and an additional 15 minutes daily at home. As a coach, I will put forth every effort....but I will not push you UPHILL.  If you are already thinking of excuses about how you do not have the time, please consider that this may not work for you. When you are fully ready to receive coaching, I will ask you to complete a short questionaire before we speak.


Q. how long does it take to see results?

A. Typically you can expect to feel much better in about 2 weeks if you follow the program exactly.  You will experience sore muscles because you are working your body in a new way.  Feeling better is just the beginning.  Science says that it takes a minimum of 3 months to heal a ligament.  Since your spine is loaded with ligaments (your disc is considered a ligament too), 3 months is the mark at which you will see lasting results. This means you must be highly motivated to continue your work beyond our initial training period.


Q. what happens if i go out of town during the 12 weeks

A. It would be better to wait to start the program until you can dedicate at least the first 6 weeks in a live setting.  After that, you will have the knowledge to keep up your progress with a daily home program and personalized video. 

Due to the time-bound nature of this program, the total length of time for the 12 week course will not be extended past 14 weeks (and 7 weeks for the shorter 6-week course). This extension allows ample time for emergencies and make-up visits, yet it keeps you progressing provided you do your home program daily.  Perfect attendance is encouraged since missed visit will delay your progress.  Remember how short this time frame actually is compared to the benefit of changing your life for the better.  You are worth it!


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