Break Free From Back Pain


If you struggle with back pain, you know that it tends to rear its ugly head at all the wrong moments (your wedding, vacation, a big day at work). That’s why you need a solution to get you out of pain and keep you that way.

In just 12 weeks I will show you how to take care of yourself, without ending up in the doctor’s office or popping anti-inflammatories.  How empowering!  You’ll learn exactly WHAT to do, and HOW to do it.  It doesn't have to be complicated, but it does need to be smart and effective.  That is what I help my clients achieve.

These movements will sustain you for the long haul.  Let’s get real, all of us humans have areas of our body that demand our attention.  Did you jump off a moving golf cart when you were 9?  Yeah, your body remembers that.  If you want to heal injuries both old and new, the key is applying your effort with precision.  You need a customized program that goes to work for you quickly.


Live your best life.

12 Weeks to back pain freedom

your pain-free life will take some effort...but let's speed along the process, shall we?

my "break free from back pain" 6-week course is designed to get you out of pain and build a strong, healthy body within a short time frame.  (more effective than surgery, much faster than a do-it-yourself approach).  yes, you can become more fit than ever before!   just wait until you see the new you.

for a detailed description of the course, please contact below.  I'll email it to you in a hurry.

New—Now offering intensive 6-Week Course*

Ask about which course may be right for you.

Private Coaching

There are no cookie-cutter programs here.  unlike a group class, Private coaching is based solely on your needs.  After a thorough investigation into the source of your back pain, we'll start working to create a custom exercise plan for you to follow.  You may provide x-ray and MRI reports, doctor or pt assessment.  the focus will be primarily ELDOA postures as well as pilates movements.  sessions are 45 minutes each

Group Classes

the ultimate reward of getting mega-strong is the freedom to move your body in all the ways in which it was designed.  learn to move with control, strength, and power with a robust selection of pilates-inspired fitness classes.  this step marks your return to "normal"--and big congratulations are in order!  I'll see you in class...


a written progress assessment each month keeps you on track and achieving your goals.  need tweaks or something extra? let's chat.

Home Program

this is the very best part of your plan.  receive a short but very effective "do-anywhere" routine that you can easily do while traveling...or anytime. be empowered to be "your own best therapist'.  Prevent and correct your back pain with one simple tool. 

course includes custom-made video clips that you can follow along with anytime. gone are the days of generic, ineffective lists of exercises (bor-ing).

Course Summary

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After working with Stephanie I was able to avoid surgery and the need for $18,000 in stem cell injections
— Gary H
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