Bringing ELDOA Method to all people, everywhere.

Community Classes near Dallas Ft.Worth



Your home ELDOA Program is made just for you. But the group setting is where we come together as a community to share the experience of the ELDOA Method.

My mission is to bring this extraordinary method to people from all walks of life. From students to seniors, athletes to weekend warriors….the ELDOA is for you.

Benefits of the ELDOA include:

  • Joint mechanics improve

  • Posture improves

  • Blood flow increases

  • Awareness improves

  • Pressure on discs is reduced

  • Muscle tone is created

Group schedule is coming soon in 2019!!

To schedule a private ELDOA class for your team or workplace, contact me.


Stephanie Vanderbeck, PMA-CPT

Stephanie is a Certified ELDOA Trainer Levels I, II, III.

at this time, There are fewer than 100 individuals world-wide who are certified through ELDOA founder GUY Voyer, DO.